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Re: [opensuse-kernel] [PATCH V3] ARM: disable Xen for now since it is currently broken
On 28.03.14 at 12:24, <stefano.stabellini@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Fri, 28 Mar 2014, Guillaume Gardet wrote:

Le 28/03/2014 11:41, Alexander Graf a écrit :

Am 21.03.2014 um 23:56 schrieb Guillaume Gardet


please find in attachment an update for the pending patch which disable
on ARM since it is currently broken (compilation fails).
Is it broken upstream or is it broken due to our xen patches?

openSUSE Xen patches brake it, as mentionned here:

In case of the former, do the Xen folks know?

If it's the latter, could we just not apply the xen patches for the arm

Not sure if it is possible, since xen patches are not arch specific.
In case it is possible, is it a good idea to have Xen patches applied for
some architectures and not for other?

I think our SUSE/openSUSE Xen guys should have a look at it and fix the
problem. But I am not sure how concerned they are about ARM. :(

I am pretty sure that the patches in question are only needed on x86.
Jan, are you able to confirm it?

I am certainly not an expert on spec files, but it seems to me it should
be possible to only apply those patches to the x86 build?

Possible yes, but not necessarily desirable. And it worked without
disabling them before, so the preference should be to make it work
again this way.

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