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Lee, Chun-Yi

15 Sep [opensuse-kernel] [PATCH V4 03/15] asymmetric keys: separate the length checking of octet string from RSA_I2OSP
15 Sep [opensuse-kernel] [PATCH V4 13/15] Hibernate: introduced SNAPSHOT_SIG_HASH config for select hash algorithm
15 Sep [opensuse-kernel] [PATCH 10/15] Hibernate: Avoid S4 sign key data included in snapshot image
15 Sep [opensuse-kernel] [PATCH V4 12/15] Hibernate: show the verification time for monitor performance
15 Sep [opensuse-kernel] [PATCH V4 07/15] asymmetric keys: explicitly add the leading zero byte to encoded message
15 Sep [opensuse-kernel] [PATCH V4 02/15] asymmetric keys: implement EMSA_PKCS1-v1_5-ENCODE in rsa
15 Sep [opensuse-kernel] [PATCH V4 15/15] Hibernate: adapt to UEFI secure boot with signature check
15 Sep [opensuse-kernel] [PATCH V4 11/15] Hibernate: taint kernel when signature check fail
15 Sep [opensuse-kernel] [PATCH V4 14/15] Hibernate: notify bootloader regenerate key-pair for snapshot verification
15 Sep [opensuse-kernel] [PATCH V4 05/15] asymmetric keys: implement RSASP1
15 Sep [opensuse-kernel] [PATCH V4 09/15] Hibernate: generate and verify signature of snapshot
15 Sep [opensuse-kernel] [RFC V4 PATCH 00/15] Signature verification of hibernate snapshot
15 Sep [opensuse-kernel] [PATCH V4 01/15] asymmetric keys: add interface and skeleton for implement signature generation
15 Sep [opensuse-kernel] [PATCH V4 06/15] asymmetric keys: support parsing PKCS #8 private key information
15 Sep [opensuse-kernel] [PATCH V4 08/15] Hibernate: introduced RSA key-pair to verify signature of snapshot
15 Sep [opensuse-kernel] [PATCH V4 04/15] asymmetric keys: implement OS2IP in rsa
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