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Re: [opensuse-kernel] 11.4 kernel on 12.1
On 03/13/2012 04:03 PM, Wolfgang Rosenauer wrote:

Am 12.03.2012 15:41, schrieb Jeff Mahoney:
On 03/12/2012 10:28 AM, Jean Delvare wrote:
On Monday 12 March 2012 02:21:18 pm Stefan Seyfried wrote:
Am 12.03.2012 14:17, schrieb Bernhard M. Wiedemann:

[ a nice "kernel bisection for beginners" guide ]

you do something like this:

# initial setup: git clone

t cd linux-2.6
git bisect start git bisect good v3.0 git bisect bad v3.1 #
this will automatically checkout something from the middle

I've spent quite some time bisecting something.
I hope I did it right because the outcome does not look obvious to me.

Please check and let
me know if I need to do something else.
I've put a lot of work (and paper ;-) into it and I'm willing to fight
to the end to get that issue finally resolved again but I need some help
from kernel experts.

I just posted on the Bugzilla, but will repeat here. The commit ID you posted is for a merge, thus it has no associated code, and cannot be the faulty one. Please post the commit IDs (7 digits from the left is enough) for kernels near the end of the bisection that definitely work, and those that definitely fail.


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