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Re: [opensuse-kernel] threads and/or memory MUCH slower on 2.6.37 than 2.6.34 ?
On 02/08/2011 04:41 PM, Richard Ems wrote:
On 02/08/2011 04:12 PM, Michal Marek wrote:
On 8.2.2011 16:07, Richard Ems wrote:
Could this BIG difference be just because 2.6.37 was compiled with
CONFIG_HZ=1000 and 2.6.34 with CONFIG_HZ=250 ? That much impact?

The -default flavor always had CONFIG_HZ=250, and the -desktop flavor
had CONFIG_HZ=1000. So check if you are not comparing different flavors
by accident.


Thank you for pointing this out.
I was really comparing different flavor configs, but I am *almost* 100%
sure I compared both default flavor on my .34 vs. .37 tests.
I am rerunning things now again ....

I can confirm that I still see the 80% slowdown, compared again on the
same flavor kernel, both desktop ones running with CONFIG_HZ=250 .

My first mail from today stating that CONFIG_HZ were different was just
my error, comparing different flavor configs. The tests were ran (and
reran today) with the same desktop flavor.

Any ideas? Anyone? Michal?


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