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Re: [opensuse-kernel] kernel SLE11_BRANCH
Am 04.01.2011 21:39, schrieb Greg KH:
On Tue, Jan 04, 2011 at 08:45:42PM +0100, Wolfgang Rosenauer wrote:

as part of project Evergreen we will have to release security updates
for the Linux kernel shipped with 11.1 which is 2.6.27.x and apparently
the branch SLE11_BRANCH of the kernel-source repo.
So we would like to use this as a base to create packages. The question
right now is what will happen with that branch from your side?

What "side" are you referring to here?

The "Novell" side ;-)
Actually I was referring to anyone. Just to know if I could clone and
forget or if I should monitor the branch for changes. Stuff like that.

Will someone touch it again once or is it just a dead branch for you?
I'm just wondering if we should clone it or if the branch will be used

It will be used to get a few random security updates over time, and
other fixes that some customers ask for. But they should be pretty easy
to merge with.

Also, if you want, we (well at least I), would be glad to merge any
changes that you make back into the main SLE11_BRANCH if they are sane,
so feel free to send patches for the branch and I will be glad to review

I'm far away from being a kernel hacker unfortunately. I might just end
up being the one trying to merge security patches I find somewhere into
that kernel to keep 11.1 running.
The changes I would need right now are some to the spec file templates
as I cannot rely on SUSE's internal PDB to fix package descriptions up.
So I'm planning to go through the templates and fill in useful text.

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