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Re: [opensuse-kernel] Re: [opensuse-factory] Hardware enablement in kernel updates
  • From: Jeff Mahoney <jeffm@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 11:46:07 -0500
  • Message-id: <4B290ECF.10805@xxxxxxxx>
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On 12/16/2009 05:19 AM, Jean Delvare wrote:
Le mardi 15 décembre 2009 20:08, Jeff Mahoney a écrit :
On 12/15/2009 02:06 PM, Stefan Seyfried wrote:
Hi Jeff,

first: I generally agree with Hubert: "making people happy is good".
Additionally, I am not really affected as I am running FACTORY anyway ;)
Just one question...

On Mon, 14 Dec 2009 20:09:59 -0500
Jeff Mahoney <jeffm@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

The particular driver I was asked about is completely standalone. I
don't have a problem including it since it won't affect anything else.

Then it should be easy to build it as a KMP and provide via the
buildservice, shouldn't it?

(I'm not saying that this is better for the user or anything, just
pointing out that there is another option)

Yep. That's definitely an option, but ends up actually being more work
than just adding it to the tree.

But it offers a much higher degree of flexibility. You can provide
several versions of the driver for different categories of users, and
they can switch easily if anything goes wrong.

If building KMPs is hard, then maybe we should work at making it

It's not that it's hard, it's that it's time consuming. Short of making
an automated interface to the build service to do all of this for us,
that doesn't change.

There is one advantage that I had overlooked. Users can create their own
KMPs and submit requests for inclusion into a special Kernel:Extras
project or something with very little interaction from the kernel teams.

On the other hand, now with the public git repo, the same is possible
with just adding a kernel patch.

- -Jeff

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Jeff Mahoney
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