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[opensuse-kde3] KSVGPlugin need patching/updating

While I'm thinking about it, the KSVGPlugin (embedded viewer for konqueror,
etc..) needs updating. I'm sure the svg standard defaults changed a few years
back and KSVGPlugin doesn't appear to be updated. For example:

It is a simple circuit that is horribly clipped by the KSVGPlugin, e.g. (see
ksvgplugin_clipped.png screenshot).

The image displays correctly in inkscape (see inkscape.png attached)

I'm sure there is more TLC kdegraphics needs in general (the pdftools_any
dependency issues, and a fribidi issue if I recall). I'm sure TDE has pached
this, but I don't have TDE loaded to compare. Felix - anyone, if you have TDE
loaded, save the link above and then mouse-over preview in konqueror (-profile
filemanagment) and see if it looks correct there.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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