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Re: [opensuse-kde3] Make KDE3 aware of non-KDE programs?
On 07/07/2017 04:56 PM, Leslie Turriff wrote:
IMO KDE4 and Plasma are practically unusable. The KDE powers that be
seem to
have decided that eye candy is more important than functionality.

I'm still waiting for it to do something KDE3 doesn't in a reasonable memory
footprint. Instead you get broken konqueror [1], a ksnapshot replacement
(spectacle) that cannot even take a snapshot of itself to file with the bug
report, the kioslaves in the open/save/save as dialogs are a mismatched
patchwork of crap, the focus model for 'focus follows mouse (sloppy focus) is
botched, the damn color-chooser is horrendous, etc..., etc..., etc... (they
did fix the bug I filed on kate/kwrite having to hit [ctrl+z] twice to undo a
single keystroke (WTF?), and they fixed the preview with syntax highlight in
konqueror, but that's the tip of the ploblems iceberg)

I need to be able to work within my desktop environment, not spend 1+ hour
out of every single day filing bug reports on why xyz is broken and abc won't

The biggest issue facing Plasma (that broke kde4 forever and I don't see as
fixable) is that instead of

(1) having a dedicated team;
(2) focused on making the desktop be as efficient as possible with the least
required user inputs; and
(3) with the kde team focused on the integrated desktop as a whole

... you now have kde development broken up into separate fiefdoms with 'person
A' working on 'app A' and 'B' on 'B' and very little focus on how the desktop
works as a whole.

That's what brought us the botched KDE4 and its follow-on Plasma that feels
more like an awkward mess than an integrated desktop. I could give a crap
about the 'supposed' eye-candy. I never saw any improvement. A dark keramic
theme with crystal windeco is about the pinnacle of eye-candy across any of
the desktops I've used (pretty much all of them from blackbox to wmii, from
e16 to sawfish and everything in between -- I do like fluxbox and i3 for
minimal environments)

Now compiz was a fantastic addition to kde3 with the cylinder and sphere,
but the build we have Leap 42.2 lacks about all of the good plugins. I still
have an old suse 11.0 laptop with the full set and about 300 emerald themes
(50 or more I wrote) that is a pleasure to use.

Plasma even managed to screw up copying the compiz code into plasma which
led to totally botched behavior, e.g.

</rant off> I feel better now.

Footnote [1] plasma/fw5 konqueror is a fricking mess, you cannot even restore
your last saved setup that you configured to have it work like kde3 with the
dir tree on the left and detailed files on the right. Instead on each lauch of
konqueror you have to re-freeze the directory listing. Their answer? -- they
want you to use a dumbed down dolphin instead! - what crap. KDE without
Konqueror -- sign me up!

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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