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[opensuse-kde3] Default SDDM cannot be customized or replaced without KDE4 or Plasma?
I run my OpenSuSE machines with either KDE3 or Trinity desktops. After
installing Leap 42.2 recently, I am unable to get KDM to run, and there does
not seem to be any way to customize the preinstalled SDDM (to prevent it
displaying login IDs) or to replace it, either. I'm guessing that its binary
is imbedded in the login process, even though it wasn't installed as part of
KDE4 or Plasma (which I didn't install and don't want).

I used the YaST /etc/sysconfig editor component to attempt to change the
display manager to kdm, but that has no effect. How can I (preferably)
replace SDDM with KDM, or at least configure SDDM so that it doesn't display
login ID information?

I was able to install the package containing SDDM so that I could see the
documentation and configuration file (/etc/sddm.conf), but modifying this
file to suppress userid display has no effect. Also, /etc/sddm.conf says
that it will display theme maui, but it displays the OpenSuSE wallpaper (with
the lightbulb), so it's pretty clear that SDDM isn't reading its config
file. :-( Here it is. I added the [Users] section, which was absent.

$ cat /etc/sddm.conf


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