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Re: [opensuse-kde3] Re: Leap 42 - First Login kded/kicker crashes, logout/login again all is OK - Any idea?
On 04/19/2017 10:23 AM, Mark Goldstein wrote:
Well, not sure. You did a lot of maintenance already (TDE on arch and
so on). I still have not got my hands dirty with it, just periodically
trying to look into something. You gave me some credit I have not
deserved :(


Call it hopeful encouragement :)

I'm serious about work on KDE3 for 42.3. All I need is a cheat-sheet for the
build order, etc.. I presume it is just a master .spec that generates
subpackages (or even better, a collection of one .spec per package that would
build and apply the current patch sets against the old kde 3.5.10 source tree
-- that would make maintenance much easier) I have several spare servers with
several terabytes unused that I'm happy to put toward the KDE3 build, if
someone is currently building KDE3 locally, it would really cut down the
amount of time it would take me to come up to speed if I had a cheat sheet
rather than bumbling through the setup myself. I have the complete 3.5.10 tree
available (in tree and tgz form) from when it was still hosted on,
but I don't yet have the current srpms. With TDE on Arch, I simply maintained
a separate PKGBUILD dir for each package with any associated patches and
scripts required and would build from alsa, Qt3, and then build though the
remaining desktop components via a bash script that would coordinate any
needed patches per component, building the entire desktop, including the
ancillary apps like koffice, kdewebev, etc...

Is Ilya still the one doing most of the building? I guess he would be one
place to start to find this info. If you have any more info on this let me know.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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