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Re: [opensuse-kde3] Where is option to Auto-Suspend to Ram set?
Control Centre --> Hardware --> Display --> Power Control, select "Enable display power management" then adjust "Power off after" setting. Is this what you are after?

Actually I recall this being a setting in a toolbar icon but I rarely use SuSE on laptops so I forget now where I last saw that feature. Just had a look at KPowersave but not sure if that's going to work on more recent systems as it uses Hal.


On 26/10/2015 15:16, David C. Rankin wrote:

I can't find the setting that allows setting the auto timeout for suspend to ram. I have usually suspended by either just closing the lid or by choosing "Suspend Computer" from the logout menu. Is there some where I can set this to happen automatically? I seem to recall there being a PowerSetting or Laptop/Battery set of kcmshell pages, but I can't find them offhand. Anybody have any ideas?

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