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Re: [opensuse-kde3] 13.1: can only safely remove usb device as root user
On 05/10/2015 15:27, Mark Goldstein wrote:

On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 4:12 PM, Ilya Chernykh <anixxsus@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I wrote that this solution does not work in openSUSE 13.2.
In that case I do not know the solution, sorry.
I have to admit that I've forgotten about this stuff myself :-(.

I definitely prefer to unmount as root than to remember adding this
policy-kit rules.
But I've just checked on both 13.2 and 13.1.

In 13.1 (the display manager is kdm4) I see the icon of auto-mounted
device, when selecting "safely remove" I'm getting:
Unable to unmount "/dev/sdd1".
Reason: Not authorized to perform operation

But unmount or eject command in terminal window (non-root) work OK.

In 13.2 (the display manger is kdm3) I do not see the icon (strange?),
eject or unmount as non-root fail.
But if I go to "storage media" and select "safely remove" for that
device it works!

I do not think display manager should be important here, though who knows.

I guess, I'll stay with unmounting as root.
Must admit that I was a bit surprised to see my journal quoted! Anyway, I should mention (if I didn't put it in my journal, I forget now) that I started to use Kwikdisk to get around the problems with KDE3 on 13.1. I didn't actually try 13.2 and I mostly use it for dismounting SD cards rather than USB devices (I know that USB drives will not dismount that way but I rarely use them except for backups).

Just gave it a go and found that it doesn't work. The only other thing I have known to work is to use udisks from my own account (not root).

1. Do a df and identify the block device for the USB drive
2. Enter the command udisks --unmount <block_dev>

For example, I normally end up with the device mounting as /dev/sdi1, so udisks --unmount /dev/sdi1 will unmount it. Please note that I have not added the extra rules so it may be possible that doing this will add some functionality but I have not tested that up until now.


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