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[opensuse-kde3] 11.4 -> 13.1 update - good job Ilya/All

I updated my laptop from 11.4 to 13.1. As part of the update, I moved my 11.4 ~/home, including ~/.config and ~/.kde dir from 11.4->13.1 before launching kde. For the most part, it went OK. There were only two issues that were noteworthy:

1 - kicker got completely scrambled leaving only the quicklaunch icons in kicker. The menu, the taskbar, the desktop page, systray and the clock were all blown away for some reason. Has anyone else experienced this or have an explanation why this could occur? Simple enough to fix, but just strange it happened.

2 - All desktop icons are gone. Generally I only show [trash], [home], and [system] on the desktop. These are gone. I can't find anywhere in kcontrol to bring them back. I recall just checking the ones I wanted and unchecking the ones I don't, but I can't find that module in kcontrol. Am I missing a module?

Additionally, during install, there were several packages that I had to install 2-3 times before they actually installed. I would check the package for installation in YAST, the install would complete, I would check again, and no package was installed. It was like somehow YAST lost packages in its installer list. Dunno, strange, that was the first time I've experienced something like that since SuSE 7. (it was not just kde3 packages, but other repos as well)

This brings up another observation: So many sub-packages makes kde3 difficult to install on openSuSE. It might be worth a review to see if it makes sense to just build the normal packages without so many subpackages. It would be a lot easier to install if the primary packages were:


Leaving all the applications as separate packages. Even many of the apps are split into multiple subpackages (e.g. koffice, etc..)

Regardless of whether any of the packages are shuffled around, I just wanted to drop a line and say:

GOOD JOB WITH KDE3 ON 13.1 ILYA! (and the rest of the contributors).

P.S. - Why is there no way to install KDE3 during initial install? I mean you can install LXDE, icewm, XFCE, minimum X, KDE or Gnome, but not KDE3?? I know this was a political issue in the 11.0 days, but now that we have a reasonably supported KDE3, why can't it be added to the installer? I mean if we offer LXDE on install, why the hell not KDE3? Haven't we grown up since the political KDE4 or nothing days of 11.X? Who would need to make the call in opensuse?

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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