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Re: [opensuse-kde3] suse versions and kde3
On Sunday 06 May 2012 12:33:50 kanenas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I have been a suser since 8.something. and i loved kde-x up to and including
kde3. i tried kde4 about a dozen times or so, every single time i could not
stomach more than an hour of it. I stayed with 11.1 and kde3 for the longest
time, my desktop still has a fully operational partition with it, but, after
i found out that i could start with a simple x setup and then add kde3, i
tried suse 11.4,12.1 and 12.2 up to m3. i used 12.1 for about 6 months as
the main system, but kmail stopped working for me and my digital camera could
not be read and the "my computer" icon on the desktop had changed to "storage
media" and a number of other smaller nuances eventually convinced me to go
back to 11.4, both on the laptop and the desktop. I knew the wifi on the
laptop would be a little difficult, but after half a day of trying i got the
broadcom wl driver all figured out, and , thanks to wicd my wifi has been
proven more reliable and more capable than any windoze or mac setup.
and everything works on both the laptop and the desktop, now both with 11.4
the main os, the *only* os on the laptop.

so there is a definite divide between 12.x suse and anything previous. and
kde3 seems to be less capable in anything 12.x. don't know if it is just hal,
but hal is definitely a problem spot.

but yesterday i did the latest kde3 upgrade on the desktop. Three *new*
things came up:
1. the haldaemon was *not* started automatically.
2. The video (latest nvidia driver for the 11.4 repo) started acting up once
in a while.
3. The "my computer" icon on the desktop was renamed to
"storage media" , clicking on it brings up the /media folder.
I was able to restart the haldaemon and it survived a reboot, but items 2 and
3 are still bugging my 11.4 desktop. The laptop does not have *any* problems.

can someone please suggest which kde3 module(s) should be rolled back in
order to resolve issues 2 && 3, or at least issue 3?

Does entering address "sysinfo://" in konqueror bring the desired info screen?

If yes, just make a link on your desktop to this location.
If no, install kde3-kio_sysinfo package.

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