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[opensuse-kde3] Re: [opensuse-factory] kde3 potential gcc47 compiler code interpretation problem resulting in kwrite/kate crash
On 05/02/2012 06:43 PM, David C. Rankin wrote:
Ilya, Dominique, All,


Currently we have worked backwards building code from 4/25, 4/10, 4/03 and
sources. The problem remains in all builds. We have binaries from the 3/29
that work, but no confirmation of the gcc version used in the 3/29 build. I am
presently building the 3/29 sources with gcc 4.7 and if the crash occurs, that
will rule out a stray patch to the code causing the issue and will implicate
something going on with the compiler. I'll let you know when I confirm the

I have confirmed this is not a TDE/KDE patch/change bug. This appears to be a
bug where gcc 4.7 does something different with the existing code resulting in
runtime crashes in kwrite/kate/quanta when a line wrap occurs. I rebuilt the
same code on gcc 4.7 that was working without issue before and I experience the
runtime crash on Archlinux. The kwrite crash has also been confirmed on

Please let me know if the same crash occurs on opensuse. Thank you. This is
being worked under for TDE.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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