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Re: [opensuse-kde3] libpng15 patch for digikam & gwenview
On 03/28/2012 10:49 AM, David C. Rankin wrote:

Any of our kde3 devs encountered something like this before? Where should I
start looking in the code and what am I looking to patch? I get the problem
starts with pngloader.cpp:123:9 in digikam, but what should I look for in
that will tell me how the png_struct changed? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

The information describing the change is in libpng src/libpng-manual.txt

II. Structures

There are two main structures that are important to libpng, png_struct
and png_info. Both are internal structures that are no longer exposed
in the libpng interface (as of libpng 1.5.0).

The png_info structure is designed to provide information about the
PNG file. At one time, the fields of png_info were intended to be
directly accessible to the user. However, this tended to cause problems
with applications using dynamically loaded libraries, and as a result
a set of interface functions for png_info (the png_get_*() and png_set_*()
functions) was developed, and direct access to the png_info fields was

The png_struct structure is the object used by the library to decode a
single image. As of 1.5.0 this structure is also not exposed.

I'll post an update when a patch is finished. If you find/develop a patch first,
let me know. Thanks.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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