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Re: [opensuse-kde3] Re: kmail imap issues with 12.1
Hi Serghei,

#6 0x00007fa2310680ed in IMAP4Protocol::get (this=0x674d60,
_url=<optimized out>) at


I think I found the offending function, but I can't reproduce the bug. When
exactly it happens?

it seems to be some sort of indexing problem for the content of the different
IMAP folders and subfolders. At the very beginning, everything looks quite
normal. I can see the IMAP accounts and their folders on the left. I also can
access some folders, and read the emails they contain. But at some point,
retrieving the folder contents of a certain folder (it does not matter which
oder from which account) stops with the number displayed in the size column
smaller than in other instances of kmail. I also can see that the other kmail
instances seem to do the indexing in the background at start up, and at some
point all folders are listed on the left with their size, while the 12.1
only starts collecting this information when I start accessing folders. I have
to say that one of my mailboxes tends to have a size close to 1 GB.

Once kmail is stuck in this loop, it's very difficult to get it back to normal.
Quitting kmail, logging out or even a reboot does not help. Sometimes changing
to a folder from one of the other accounts does.

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