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Re: [opensuse-kde3] kmail probs in 12.1
On Thursday 15 December 2011 1:30:54 pm kanenas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
copied the Mail folder from the old home directory, used conqueror as a
super user, then changed all the permissions to the correct user. Copied
the kmailrc file to the right spot, also the kmail folder from the
old .~kde/share/apps location.
Things seem to workat first. even the addressbook seems fine; alas, they
work too good. The longer kmail stays open, the more duplicate emails i
get! some i get more often than others! At this stage i am very reluctant

any suggestions where to look ? I would hate to go to kmail for kde4 or
switch to anything else, it would be too traumatic for my honi.
soo, any help would be appreciated.

I only use kmail, so full "PIMers" may require more than this: these are the
only folders I migrate to get an exact duplicate of kde3 kmail working, from
my old (migrated from) folders:

In your /(HOME)/.kde/share/apps folder: copy kabc, kmail, kwallet folders to
your new install.

In your /(HOME)/.kde/share/config folder: copy emaildefaults, emailidentities,
kaddressbookrc, kmaileventrc, kmailrc, kwalletrc folders to your new install.

Has worked fine in every migration since 10.3. Only thing I have to set up
(manually) later is the spamassasin wizard in kmail.

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