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Re: [opensuse-kde3] KDE3 on 12.1 Beta: Some Info
On Tuesday 11 October 2011 17:55:16 Erik Sorenson wrote:

** Note: all testing performed as root.  This is on the brand new install of
last night (up near the 2tb mark, call it Config #2), right after KDE3 from
the OSS and non-OSS repos added and rebooted (i.e., KDE:/KDE3 repo not
installed at all).

First try to install KDE3 completely from the main repo without enabling
KDE:KDE3 repository:
** Done.  But kde3-k3b, kdeadmin3, kdebase3-Suse, kdebindings3 and kdeutils3
not in repo;  so installed without them; went well, no dependency throw-ups.

kde3-k3b, kdebase3-Suse, kdebindings3 and kdeutils3 will be in Factory.
kdeadmin3 I did not submit.
** No HAL, but CD/DVD and USB Thumb recognised with standard "what do you
to do" popup.  Didn't test burning, since no K3b.

Install k3b from KDE:KDE3 but without hal.

** Reboot and power off through the K-menu works fine.  However, the "Suspend
Computer" button for the Suspend to Disk and Ram sub-selection is not
present; so Suspend tests not possible.  Note: it worked in 12.1
Configuration #1 (Genned two nights ago from KDE:/KDE3 Factory).  Maybe the
missing modules are responsible?

Possibly, kpowersave which needs hal. Con you test if it is dependent on
kpowersave? Will the entries appear once kpowersave is installed?
Add KDE:KDE3 and check if Amarok and Digikam work well and stable (Kirill
reported crashes in these applications)
** Do you want me to also add the missing modules (e.g., kdeadmin3, etc)
through KDE:/KDE3 Factory, and also do the Amarok/Digikam testing, etc,

Is kdeadmin3 is usable for anything? As I know it includes SysV init setup,
but 12.1 will use systemd. Thus I did not submit it.

Also check whether the character "_" is visible in kwrite. There were
reports that it is not shown in Factory.
** Kwrite has no problem with "_" (or "-" characters; I'm using it now to
write this note and paste into Kmail.  Also, as I reported in my last email,
it also works with Factory version.

Hey, hey ... "Personal Settings" works, too!

Ilya, is it possible to work in the new KRandRtray?  The current one will not
hold settings between reboots/logouts; there's no "save as default".  So I'm
forced to always install the proprietary ATI driver all the time.  It
installs fine on all 12.1's to date (m3, m5, Beta).

I use nvidia so any xrandr and krandr settings are useless here anyway.
They are configured with nvidia-settings utility. I have no ati computer under
hand currently.

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