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Re: [opensuse-kde3] kcmshell <???> to manage kcm_gtk in 11.4?
On Tuesday 12 April 2011 02:08:33 Felix Miata wrote:

This is impossible.

Nevertheless, rpm & zypper both report both are installed.

They conflict with each other.

So which should be installed, and which not?

gtk-qt-engine is the newer version of the same package. It has additional
functionality. gtk-qt-engine is version 0.8 kcm_gtk is version 0.7

kcm_gtk is kept in the repository because support of qt engines in gtk app is
not perfect.

I chose 1. Lo and behold, GTK Styles and Fonts shows up in the Settings
menu now. :-) But, it's already set to use KDE fonts in GTK
applications. Restarting Konq4 didn't change its menu fonts, and neither
did restarting KDE3. :-(

If you want to set up konq4's appearance you have to start KDE4's

You must not have read the whole thread, or got lost trying. I've been
unable to get zypper or YaST2 to find me a package named or containing
systemsettings for KDE4 to install. All either tell me about are tied to


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