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Re: [opensuse-kde3] kcmshell <???> to manage kcm_gtk in 11.4?
On 2011/04/11 16:08 (GMT-0400) Ilya Chernykh composed:

Felix Miata wrote:

Is "modules" a title? I noticed "Settings" above "Run Command" after
starting the thread. The settings menu extends out to contain most of
what's missing from kcontrol itself, but GTK isn't in "Appearance& Themes"
following "Fonts" like one familiar with KDE3 would expect, and I don't see
it elsewhere either.

kcm_gtk-1.1-13.2.i586 is installed.

I have it there. Try re-install or install gtk-qt-engine which has the same

This is a fresh install, with both gtk-qt-engine and kcm-gtk, but nothing in any menu to control fonts in gtk apps. ~/.kderc exists, but only it and Trolltech.conf and nothing else contain anything about font sizes that I can find.

Here's a funny one:
# zypper in -f kcm_gtk
Loading repository data...
Reading installed packages...
Forcing installation of 'kcm_gtk-1.1-13.2.i586' from repository 'openSUSE-11.4-OSS'.
Resolving package dependencies...

Problem: cannot install both kcm_gtk-1.1-13.2.i586 and kcm_gtk-1.1-13.2.i586
Solution 1: do not keep kcm_gtk-1.1-13.2.i586 installed
Solution 2: do not install kcm_gtk-1.1-13.2.i586

Choose from above solutions by number or cancel [1/2/c] (c):


I chose 1. Lo and behold, GTK Styles and Fonts shows up in the Settings menu now. :-) But, it's already set to use KDE fonts in GTK applications. Restarting Konq4 didn't change its menu fonts, and neither did restarting KDE3. :-( kcmshell4 --list still produces a short list with no fonts. :-( kcmshell4 khtml_appearance is also using the tiny fonts. I wonder if this is controlled by qt4? I've been unable to figure out how to run the qt4 version of qtconfig, only the qt3 version, which I have set to 10. Now that GTK appearance has been run, I do have a ~/.gtk-2.0-kde file, but after running kcmshell4 khtml_appearance, the only font I can find set to 9 is taskbarFont in kdeglobals. I changed the major web page fonts to Droid Sans, Droid Sans Mono & Droid Serif, which shows up in ~/.kde4/share/config/konquerorrc and for Rekonq in ~/.kde4/share/config/rekonqrc, but in neither do I see anything resembling sizing of UI text.
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