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Re: [opensuse-kde3] Could Use Help re: KDE 3.5 on 11.4
Ok, I installed a pure, minimal 11.3_x86/kde3.5 (from 11.3 repo) into a
partition. Did all the patches and updates. The Personal Setting (aka
Kcontrol.desktop) and icons.desktop was functioning perfectly. Made sure
that the "Settings" entry was on Kmenu (between "Run" and "My System") so
that if an upgrade to 11.4 trashed Kcontrol, at least the "Settings"
sub-functions/widgets would be there so I didn't have to labour with all the
individual .desktop files.

To check one of Ilya's theories, I changed to Clearlooks theme (by replacing
Suse-Default contents with it!) and used another icon theme that KDE knew
nothing about that I downloaded from KDE-Looks, just for this test.

Then did an upgrade to 11.4/kde3.5 (from 11.4 repo). With advice from Ilya, I
deactivated all the 11.3 repos, including kde3, in Yast and put in/activated
the 11.4 OSS, non-OSS, Update and KDE 3.5 repos. Told it to Packages > All
Packages > Update If Newer Version. Most of the (10 or so) conflicts
involved downgrades to an earlier version of KDE, which I accepted. Two
other conflicts I upgraded beforehand (PerlBase/libsnmp20 > 25, and
libxml2/libpoppler). Then I let it do its thing on more than 650 packages.

As soon as it had finished, before re-booting for the updated kernel, I
checked the functionality of Kcontrol, It no longer worked (same blank left
side), but the "Settings" entry on Kmenu was still there, and all the
sub-function worked fine, including "Icons". Rebooting changed nothing. I
note that the upgrade explicitly removed (big red X) both glib2 and gtk2, so
this may be a contributing factor to the reason that Personal Settings isn't
working (amongst others, perhaps). Something weird: gtk2 engine dependencies
states gtk2=2.22.1 is required!

Having previously done a pure minimal-X install off the 11.4 DVD, and a
subsequent install of KDE3.5 from the 11.4 repo, and ended up with the same
result, there doesn't appear to be any difference between upgrading from 11.3
and biting the "new install" bullet, if you can.

I still have this test partition if anyone has a bright idea they would like
me to try out.

As an aside, KrandR is still not retaining settings between logouts and
reboots. I thought this had been fixed. I'm sure I saw a panel sonetime ago
where there was a tick box to retain settings permanently.
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