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[opensuse-kde3] Potential conflict: KDE > 4.5.3 will load KDEmod3 kicker, background & decorations
Ilya, all,

Let me drop a note here to let you know of a problem experienced on
Arch Linux
with kde4 loading the kde3 kicker, background and decorations if both kde3 and 4
are installed. NOTE: This is NOT a SuSE problem right now, but I want to capture
the information here, just in case this pops up in the future.

Best I can tell, sometime in the kde 4.5.3 time frame is when this
first appeared. I searched in vain trying to find out why in the heck kde4
loaded the kde3 kicker along with it's plasma panel and then proceeded to load
the kde3 background and decorations (and dialogs in some cases) Repeated tests
removing both ~/.kde and ~/.kde4 made no difference. Removing items from
~/.config/autostart made no difference.

Removing /var/tmp/kdecache-user showed very unexpected behavior. If
kde3 was
installed, starting kde4 (with a new user account) would create both:


and then for some reason kde4 appears to be loading settings for both. Removing
kde3 & deleting /var/tmp/kdecache-<user> and then restarting kde4 was the only
way to get kde4 to load on Arch without pulling in the kde3 settings.

I don't know kde3 or kde4 well enough to know where or why this behavior
occurred, but I have confirmed this behavior on 8 boxes, both i686 and x86_64.

So let me reiterate, this is NOT presently a problem for openSuSE, but
if it
pops up, I want to give the community the benefit of the testing I have done. I
have also opened a bug and on the issue to see if this can be cured by
upstream tweaks. The bug I opened is:

So no response is necessary, unless you have a stroke of genius that may
explain where the problem is. Thanks.

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