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Re: [opensuse-kde] New KDE repository layout (Final)
On Saturday 12 Oct 2013 22:41:36 Raymond Wooninck wrote:
Based on the feedback received on the initial proposal, I would like to
indicate below which changes will be done on the KDE repositories
Repositories that are not mentioned, will be removed.

KDE:Qt* : No changes for the KDE:Qt repositories. We are currently busy
setting up the structure for the Qt 5.x builds.

KDE:Release:XY The older KRXY (before KR411) will not change. KR411 will
be build for 12.2, 12.3 and 13.1 and will contain only the KDE SC packages.
New repositories will be set-up starting with the KDE SC Release Candidates
and will be build for the current openSUSE release and the previous one.
Example: KDE 4.12 RC will be available for openSUSE 13.1 and 12.3 in the
KR412 repository and then will receive updates based on the released
tarballs (Final, .1, .2, etc)

KDE:Distro:Factory: This repository will contain only the KDE SC packages
and will be the development repository for the KDE SC packages in Factory.
This repository will normally only build for Factory, as that the
equivalent can also be found in the KRXY repository. The only exception is
that as soon as the Beta of the new KDE SC release is available, then KDF
will switch to the Beta and then we will build for Factory and the current
openSUSE release. (Example KDE 4.12 Beta will be build for Factory and
openSUSE 13.1. This to validate the build for openSUSE 13.1 and repair
build errors, before the RC will be available in KDE:Release:412. Remaining
question is if we remain building for oS 13.1 in KDF after KR412 has been
created or that we encourage people to switch to KR412).

Your openSUSE KDE community team

KDE:Extra: This repository will contain all additional applications that
are not part of the KDE SC (e.g. Amarok, Konversation, Calligra). This
repository will become the new development repository for those application
packages that are currently in Factory. This repository will be build
against all supported oS/KDE versions.

KDE:Unstable:Extra: This repository will contain git snapshots, alpha's and
betas of the packages in KDE:Extra. We will build against the same targets
as KDE:Extra, but we will be more stricter on the lifecycle.
Non-maintained packages (e.g. lower version than in KDE:Extra, build
failures, etc) will be deleted from this repository on a frequest basis.

KDE:Unstable:SC This repository will be the development repository for the
openSUSE KDE team. It contains git snapshots of the upcoming KDE SC version
and is considered as suitable for only the very experienced users. Users of
the repository should expect breakage, packaging errors, non-working
systems, etc. Patches and Packaging changes will be executed and validated
first in this repository before implementing them in KDF. This repository
will only be build for the 64bit version of Factory and the current
openSUSE release.

As indicated before, we are planning to execute these changes in the next
two weeks. When each step is successfully completed, a status update will
be send out to this mailing list.

great - and probably way easier to understand for newcomers...

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