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[opensuse-kde] Proposed changes to the KDE repositories
Fellow openSUSE KDE users,

I know that it hasn't been that long ago, that we changed the repository setup
for the KDE projects on the openSUSE Build Service and you might wonder why we
want to change again.

The reason behind it is twofold. The first reason is that we would like to
reduce the maintenance efforts for all KDE related packages and on the other
hand we want to maximize the usability for our users to find updates and latest
versions of their KDE desktop software and applications. The topic itself was
also recently discussed on this mailinglist, with regards to missing
application packages in the KDE:Release:411 repository.

Currently we have the following repositories available:

KDE:Distro:Factory : This repository is the development repo for the packages
in openSUSE:Factory. Currently this contains applications and the KDE Desktop

KDE:Unstable:SC: This repository contains frequent snapshots of the KDE
Desktop software and a number of applications.

KDE:Release:xy: These repository contains the latest minor release of the KDE
Desktop software version X.Y. Some of the repositories contains also
applications and system libraries required to build the KDE software

KDE:Extra: Additional application software that is either KDE or Qt based.

KDE:Unstable:Playground: git-snapshots, alpha's and/or beta versions of
application software.

KDE:UpdatedApps: This repository contains updated versions of application
software that is build for older openSUSE releases

As you might have noticed already, we have a lot of duplication when it comes
to KDE applications. These are build in all kind of repositories and sometimes
it is hard to find out which repository to use for which openSUSE or KDE
desktop version.

Therefore the openSUSE KDE community team would like to make the following
proposal :

KDE:Release:XY These repositories will contain the latest minor release of
the KDE desktop version X.Y. When the repository is created, the build targets
would be the current and previous openSUSE version. Maintenance
updates for the current openSUSE version will be delivered from these
repositories. The repository will only contain the KDE Desktop software and
updates of system libraries if required to make it build.

KDE:Extra: This repository will become our main application repository. All
application software will be moved into this repository and it will be build
for all supported KDE and openSUSE versions/combinations. This means that
KDE:UpdatedApps is no longer required as that updated versions will be
delivered through the KDE:Extra repository. Initially the target was to rename
the repository to KDE:Apps, but keeping the old name would cause less
confusion in our opinion.

KDE:Unstable:Extra will be the repository where git snapshots, alphas and
betas of application software can be found. This will replace
KDE:Unstable:Playground and we will believe that KDE:Unstable:Apps is a more
correct naming. Build targets would be the same as KDE:Extra

KDE:Unstable:SC will be the repository where git snapshots of the upcoming
KDE desktop version can be found. In this repository the openSUSE KDE
Community team will also test different approaches, different KDE setup, etc.
This repository will only be build against openSUSE:Factory.

KDE:Distro:Factory will be the repository where the stable KDE Desktop release
will be build for Factory. The stable release will be replaced by the Beta
release for the upcoming release as soon as this one becomes available. This
repository will be build only for openSUSE:Factory.

As indicated this is just a proposal from our side and we would like to hear
your feedback on it. If there are no major rejections against it, then we
would like to start implementing it after openSUSE 13.1 RC has been released

your openSUSE KDE Community team
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