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Re: openSUSE KDE team (was Re: [opensuse-kde] Missing package/update in KDF)
On Monday 17 Sep 2012 19:38:19 Martin Schlander wrote:
The challenge is just to make anyone care about KDS for the two month
freeze period every eight (12?) months. Of course caring about KDS would
also imply caring about what's best for the openSUSE project, the openSUSE
distribution, KDE and end users more than version numbers, so it's an uhill

Should only be one month according to the original 12.2 cycle:
And unless that period straddles an upstream .y release, it should be the same
cherrypicking upstream patches work that KR49 will be doing anyway. So not so
much different from just tracking upstream.

S4 "KDF might ship a beta"
W4 Highly unlikely at this stage in the KDE 4 cycle, really. When we do
ship KDE5 beta it will be from a different devel project, we'll keep
stable KDE4 as a default.

Say 12.3 will be released in March with 4.10, there would be very little
time to test 4.10 if 4.10beta wasn't allowed in KDF.

I expect the release schedule and overall strategy for 12.3 will change
following the discussions on -project and at osc. But if it hypothetically
didn't, comparing the 4.9 and 4.10 schedules
the overlap between 4.10 beta 1 (the first one we could put in KDF) and 4.9.4
(final) is 2 1/2 weeks. We could delink KR49 early, around Nov 15, and then
update to 4.9.4 directly in KR49 (the amount of changes by then is going to be
modest), other suggestions? I suspect by then Sven will start finding the new
stuff in 4.10 branch interesting to work on.


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