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Re: [opensuse-kde] Missing package/update in KDF
Am Sonntag, 16. September 2012, 20:31:16 schrieb Christian Trippe:
I also want a rock stable release although I am using KDF all the time, but
e.g. my wife is using a plain installation without additional repos (except
packman of course). And I still would claim this is true for the majority of
users. So Martin is not alone with his goal.

I never said that he is alone. I just claim that most people contributing to
KDE packaging do not use STABLE etc. And I doubt that the last openSUSE
versions were rock solid regarding KDE. Actually, using KRxy people were
better off if they use "all" KDE has to offer, e.g. KDEPIM.

I claim you are wrong. I am quite sure nobody will reject a version update
for pnm and would want that you only have single backported patches, if you
have a good argument for the update.
This update simply did not happen because nobody submitted a fixed package.
(This of course may be related to your impression about the time of the
employed KDE team, which I share. But nothing has stopped you from
submitting a updated package on your own.)

This proves my point. The community quickly provided packages for the repos it
uses. After that work is done, it's done.

There was/is nobody left to submit those packages from KDF to openSUSE – not
even the paid staff, e.g. the one who accepted the SR to KDF for pnm, not
within weeks until today. Pick your reason, bottom-line is: those SR/updates
don't happen.

As I stated, I am not willing to go through the extra work which is put on
contributors. I contribute to KRxy because IMO that's the repo openSUSE users
should use for KDE. One might improve its "security" by keeping old versions
of packages allowing user to revert.

"openSUSE stable" is nice in theory but lacks commitment by paid openSUSE
employees as you also stated. And IMHO the community contributing to the
KDE repos has a different schedule than openSUSE, i.e. upstream. Hence
you would force people to work on something they do not use and leave
behind as soon as the next upstream release is out.

I hope that you are wrong at this point, because if this is true for KDE
this is probably also true for many other parts of openSUSE and then the
only maintained versions would be Tumbleweed and Factory, which both I
would not call stable.

I cannot judge other projects. My impression though is that KRxy repos are
stable, in some cases even more stable than STABLE, certainly not less stable.
And there are a lot of people who want to contribute to them. Hence why
destroy that phenomenon instead of embracing it and supporting them?

If there is a need for KDF, that's perfectly fine, use the work done within
UNSTABLE and KRxy and improve on it.

I don't want to work on KRxy because I don't think it adds value for the
typical user.

That's fine, KDF needs people that submit updates like pnm to the official
update channel. Just don't try to force people to work on something they do
not want to work on. KRxy has shown that it works very well on its own, not
being linked to KDF.

In the end I think you are right with pointing out that within the openSUSE
KDE community people have different goals and we have to find a way to work
which is the most efficient to reach most of them.

They have already been reached. They work on the projects they use. Just check
out KRxy and how well it was established and maintained – almost without any
openSUSE staff. There are people updating apps, updating KDE and even
submitting important patches from upstream. That's how well the community
works – today!

The community does work already, just not as the management and those
demanding the "openSUSE stable" would like it to.

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