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Re: [opensuse-kde] Missing package/update in KDF
On Saturday 15 Sep 2012 12:38:45 Sven Burmeister wrote:
Am Samstag, 15. September 2012, 09:50:55 schrieb Christian Trippe:
after the updated of KDF to KDE 4.9.1 I noticed that translations were not
updated and are still at 4.8.5.

Also the calligra-doc package is missing, it already exists in Factory and
12.2. This only needs to be a link to the calligra package AFAIU.

KDF also still holds calligra 2.4.3 while KR49 already has 2.5.1 and 2.5.2
as SR.

This is just an oversight - until now we've been too busy on the 12.2 release
to update KDF, which was (like openSUSE:Factory) in limbo since 12.2 was
forked and we put the final touches to KDE packages in KDS.

Just switch to the community maintained KR49.

KDF is just too bound to the openSUSE releases, i.e. freezes for "openSUSE
stable" etc. When working on KDF you have to keep all these things in mind
and even have to "stop" working on it when a freeze comes up. For KRxy you
just have to stick to upstream stable and release plans.

For the next openSUSE release, KDF can pull a snapshot of KRxy some days
before the freeze. IMHO that makes more sense than KRxy pulling from a repo
which stops being current at some time. KDF is just the "openSUSE release
branch" of KRxy.

In my humble opinion there is now a false dichotomy between 'community
maintained' and 'team maintained' - KR49 as community territory and KDF as the
homeland of the SUSE engineer. As there is effectively no dedicated KDE (or
GNOME if it makes you feel better) team inside SUSE for openSUSE any more, KDF
has to be community maintained. Whether that is Dirk doing bits and pieces on
his own time, my small parcels of work time, you, Martin, Raymond, Alin, Todd
or Nico, we are the openSUSE KDE team.

The aim of KDE:Release:xy repos is to provide packages of the latest upstream
stable release, implemented as a snapshot of our development towards the next
openSUSE release. What you suggest is the converse of that, but then we can't
use KRxy for feature/packaging/new version development without bombarding
'stable upstream release' users with (broken?) updates.

The twin-track situation we ended up with just now in 12.2 arises rarely but
can be dealt with the same way again (and automated to a greater extent), but
there is no need to make it the default. Otherwise this will divert the
team's resources away from openSUSE releases and the KDE on those won't be as

I'd suggest making KR49 links to KDF as soon as possible, giving KR49
maintainers rights in KDF and working together there.


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