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Re: [opensuse-kde] our goals for 12.3
* I second the need for video thumbnails. It's working for me in 4.8.5 but perhaps only because I'm clinging on to an old kffmpegthumbnailer dependency that I guarded with my life during the upgrade from 12.1.

* Can we also have PDF thumbnails back? Not sure what happened to them.

* Need to settle on a definitive phonon backend. See previous discussions / arguments about whether xine was dead or not, VLC being better but not in the default OSS repo, and ongoing talk of whether gstreamer is too ****ed or not.

* Perhaps as a consequence of the above, though I'm not certain, this has a knock-on effect for example in Gwenview when browsing an album folder with videos in it (mpg in my case). It prompts to install codecs but that process fails for me, and the codecs needed to make it work include gstreamer-bad, ugly, bad-orig-addons, ugly-orig-addons, etc., and all the many other dependencies they in turn pull in. A regular user shouldn't have to go through that just to see their camera or phone videos in the default KDE image viewer. I don't know if the choice of phonon backend influences that. There's also issues with Dolphin's preview pane not playing certain videos. (FWIW, I switched to gstreamer because of gapless playback, no cutting off the ends of audio files and its requirement for Clementine).

* The once-talked-about change from the KDE openSUSE greeter to an HTML-based (offline-capable) document would be welcome.

* When I have an optical disc inserted, it would be nice if just about every action I perform (e.g. opening Dolphin or changing folders, file pickers and dialogs, opening Kate or another app with file management elements built in), didn't have to wait for the disc to spin up. I guess that's more of an issue for upstream though.

* Nicer KDE integration in LibreOffice. Check the Tools -> Options dialog for example. Text and symbols are all over the place.

Only been playing with 12.2 for two days but I have to say I'm very satisfied so far. A lot zippier than 4.7.x in 12.1 and I'm not sure I'll need to update to 4.9.
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