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Re: [opensuse-kde] 12.2 planning
  • From: todd rme <toddrme2178@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 12:41:17 +0100
  • Message-id: <>
On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 12:57 PM, Will Stephenson <wstephenson@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Apologies for being so quiet over Xmas - I was gathering the energies for a
busy 2012 to make openSUSE bigger than ever.

It's high time we nailed down what we will do for KDE in 12.2.

We can separate these into things we want to do, and things we have to do.
None of these lists are complete IMO, please help to fill them out.

==Have To==
These are external factors that we have little influence over, that we have to
react to
* openSUSE 12.2 Release Schedule
12.2 is scheduled for release on 11 July 2012 [1].  Beta 1 is our traditional
freeze for major version bumps, usually about 6 weeks before release, so we
have until June to change things.  There is no detailed 12.2 roadmap from
Coolo yet [2].

* Upstream KDE Release Schedule
There is no 4.9 schedule yet (what is it with release managers and christmas?)
but since KDE follows a 6-monthly cycle, add a year to the 4.7 schedule and we
would have 4.9.0 on July 27 2012.  So this is out for us.  This means we'll
probably have 4.8.4 in 12.2.
** Package version updates
** Default configuration adaptations required by 4.8

* Factors affecting KDE in the rest of the distro
Traditionally we end up reacting to these late and 'best-effort', usually
because these are changes to the platform authored by redhat, adopted by
openSUSE and GNOME gets them for 'free' from upstream RH, or because some
other part of SUSE decides it doesn't want to take care of a feature for us
any more.  I'd like us to be aware of these as early as possible this time,
work out the implications and the work required to turn these changes into
opportunities for us rather than damage limitation exercises.
** Plymouth as bootsplash
** Systemd changes in 12.2
I don't know what these are, but I suspect they may have some influence on KDM
** Kernel/Driver changes
The forces of evolution here may require updates in the KWin driver blacklists
we ship
** Updated branding
We need to integrate any branding changes that come out of the artwork team
and make sure they meet our needs.

==Want To===
These are things we would like to do as a value addition to the purely
mechanistic changes pushed on us by upstream.

I have a few things in mind, to kick the discussion off I'll mention a couple
* Quality focus
4.8, and 4.8.4 should be highly stable from upstream (changes to the platform
are happening in the KDE Frameworks 5 work, so it and any 4.9 are going to be
very incremental).  As a distribution we can build on this with polish and
targeted bugfixing based on our users' feedback. Of course things like Apper +
stack, Akonadi + stack, Nepomuk + stack are big items here, but also many
things that are simpler to contribute to, such as missing icons, improving
translations, clarifying bad strings in the UI, cleaning up the start menu
tree, setting default package selections can be done.
* Improving Activity usability
There is still a way to go to make Activities a "Duh! Why didn't we always do
things like that".  Based on a bit of common sense and a bit of feedback, I
think we should be able to make Activities a lot better with a manageable
amount of work, and submit this upstream for 4.9.
* Integrate Plasma Active in openSUSE
A lot of PA stuff has only been usable using git branches, but these should be
mostly integrated to make a current version of PA in openSUSE doable by know.
Since open-slx is our downstream, most of the work is already done.

As a final note, please keep the discussion constructive - if your only
contribution to 12.2 will be a badly spelled thread hijacking to complain
about everything we did wrong, you will have just taken 5 minutes out of
everyone else who can make useful changes' openSUSE time, so take it to
/dev/null and yourself to the opensuse-kde3 perfect code museum list.

[2] (eventually)

Looking forward to a fun openSUSE KDE 2012...


Another thing that occurred to me: we are currently building KOffice
2.3 and Calligra 2.4 beta in KDF. I think we probably need to decide
on one or the other for 12.2, and either remove the other or move it
to KDE:Extra.

Calligra is scheduled to have a RC in the middle of February and a
release in early March. This would give plenty of time even if the
release slips by a month or two.

According to the mailing list, the last year the KOffice team planned
to release their next version at the same time as KDE SC 4.8, but that
obviously didn't happen (they have not even had a beta release yet).
They also have a much smaller team, only two significantly active
developers over the last few months according to the git logs.

So I personally vote for dropping KOffice entirely once Calligra
reaches the 2.4 RC stage. A new KOffice package can be created based
on the openSUSE 12.1 sources when that team makes a new release,
although just going on the relative developer base and the lack of
applications like Krita I would say that even then KOffice should
probably go in KDE:Extra and Calligra should be the one kept in KDF.
This opinion, of course, is subject to revision based on the relative
qualities of the releases.

It does not look like even Calligra will be ready as a default office
suite in time for openSUSE 12.2, they seem to be aiming to have Words
at least ready for mainstream use by the next release (2.5), which I
have not seen a specific timeline for but judging by their previous
release spacing it almost certainly not going to be before openSUSE
12.2 is released. Other applications may be at better stages, but
using an office suite without a word processor ready does not strike
me as a good idea.

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