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Re: [opensuse-kde] Fwd: Re: [kde-doc-english] [Bug found] For kate_configuring-part template
On zondag 20 november 2011 13:54:37 Sven Burmeister wrote:
Am Sonntag, 20. November 2011, 13:49:36 schrieb Freek de Kruijf:
This is weeks if not months of study for me and asking a lot of
questions, before I can manage this type of work. I am not sure I can
find the courage to do that. I rather stay with the task of translating
openSUSE and KDE to Dutch.

Did you not write that you submitted the fix to trunk? If so you can submit
it to branch as well. People on the mailinglist that takes care of that
module might also help you to push it to branch.

Regarding the buildservice, if you post the patch here somebody else might
include it for you. You can also ask on IRC #opensuse-kde whether e.g.
einar_77 can push it upstream.

AFAIK kdelibs in the trunk git repository has no equivalent in branch. In case
I am wrong, please point me to the right spot, so I can back port what I need.

What I am concerned about is changed or added entities in the customization
part of kdelibs. One should not delete any entity there, but only change an
existing one or add a new one. If done so, these new entities should be made
available in earlier KDE versions. Because people that need these new entities
are not always working in the newest KDE environment.

I don't know whether normal users need these entities when reading the KDE
documentation, but I need them to generate the docbooks. Although I don't see
these entities expanded in these docbooks, so it looks as if the user also
needs these entities and generation only checks whether these entities are


Freek de Kruijf
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