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Re: [opensuse-kde] What Activities you've defied?
todd rme said the following on 10/09/2011 10:09 AM:
The entire rest of your argument is based on the assumption that you
always have every activity with every application running at the same
time. This is a problem with virtual desktops, which are always
running, but it is not a problem with activities, which you can just
close at will. So rather than making a good argument against
activites, you are actually making an argument for why activities are
superior to virtual desktops.

My argument, and I think it your argument too, is against 'sprawl'.

Twelve virtual desktops, even if you only have one application in each,
is excessive, whether it is implemented as one Activity with 12 vdts or
four Activities each with 4 vdts. If they are all running.

I have just four vdts; one full-screen application in each.

* Mail/thunderbird
* Browser/firefox
* terminal

Why? I'm reading and sending mail and looked up an article to send out
the URL. The fourth vdt is for a file manager in case I need to look up
a file to attach.

When I'm doing something else I shut down TB/FF and run just that
application, be it OOWriter or Gimp ... whatever.
In that case I may once again need to 'multi-task', to look up file or
something on the 'Net. But the point is keep focus. Having a sprawl,
be it across one Activity or four. weakens focus.

If only one Activity is active, loaded whatever the term is, then fine,
that's just like I'm working now but 'automated' instead of starting the
applications manually. But having all four Activities and 12 vdts
loaded and switching between them on a carousel as I'm switching between
TB and FF vdts when I look something up to include in Email, when the
'project focus' of each Activity is different, as has been described in
this thread as an example, seems like a good way to reduce your
cognitive span. You may as well have 16 phones on your desk all ringing
and a house of children and pets ...
We all have two choices:
We can make a living or we can design a life.
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