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Re: [opensuse-kde] KMail2 and related things
  • From: Jon Nelson <jnelson-suse@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2011 10:19:53 -0500
  • Message-id: <>
A few notes and comments.

First, I cannot even imagine how much has gone into KDE 4.7.
Overwhelmingly, it's a nice improvement over 4.6 and by and large
things work really well!
Everyone involved should feel proud of the work they have done!

With that said, I have encountered some issues. Please do not take
this as complaint! Most of my problems seem to deal with nepomuk /
akonadi / kmail2.

Even after wiping out ~/.local/share/akonadi entirely, and starting
over, I had problems. I moved to PostgreSQL (with
standard_confirming_strings *on*) and that seemed to go quite well.

I had to totally wipe out my kmail settings and such in
~/.kde4/share/kmail*, but once I did that I could at least start kmail
(otherwise, it would grump about invalid resources and exit - not very

One I got kmail up and configured, it brought down my gmail account
over IMAP very quickly. More quickly than any other email client I've
ever used. Very impressive!

However, due to some error (akonadiconsole told me it had to due with
trying to select [Gmail] *as a folder*) I couldn't read a mail or do
anything, and eventually kmail2 just froze and needed a hard kill -9.

So I logged out, logged in via console, and removed the akonadi and
kmail configs, again.
The next time I logged in, akonadiconsole wouldn't even start -- I'd
get a blank dialog and a beep, and nothing akonadi worked at all.
Also, not very graceful.

A few log outs and log ins later, akonadiconsole worked again. I shut
down the server, changed to sqlite (manually, as the config dialog
doesn't offer that option) and now things look OK again.

kmail2 starts up, I configure my account, and it synchronizes quickly!
Wait! Now I have 2 copies of every email. sigh.

It looks like kmail / akonadi are *close* but not yet there. The
[Gmail] folder issue has been reported on before - I hope it can be
fixed soon. The double email thing is new to me. The
not-starting-up-at-all thing is also strange, and should be looked
into. The inability to configure sqlite in akonadiconsole is an issue,
too, especially if it is to be a/the default going forward.
"standard_supporting_strings on" needs to be used in each session for
the PostgreSQL driver (which should be trivial and would avoid having
to have each person manually configure a system-wide param just for
akonadi), and so on.

The fragility surrounding kmail and akonadi integration, especially
with respect to "invalid resources" is a major bummer, and I hope it's
improved soon.

The lack of google calendar support is a big bummer, too.

Using evolution (which is memory efficient, worked the first time,
supports google calendars and google contacts *out of the box*) should
be considered at least a benchmark to strive for. It's true that
evolution was glacially slow syncing compared to kmail, but evolution
actually works for me every time I use it - and does more to boot.

With respect to nepomuk - I find it frustating that I am reminded
*every time I log in* that file indexing is shut off. I know it's shut
off. I shut if off!

Lastly, *every* time I start kmail does it have to bring up the
wizard? What's with that?

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