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Re: [opensuse-kde] KDE 4.6.0 sys tray icons so ugly
On Sat, Feb 5, 2011 at 1:07 PM, C <smaug42@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sat, Feb 5, 2011 at 17:21, todd rme wrote:
As I said in the last discussion on this, it is defined by your plasma
theme.  Just find a plasma theme that has colored icons.

Just for clarity, I'm happy with the default monochrome systray icons,
and I'm not looking to change them on my KDE4 installs.

When you (todd) said the icons are theme related (I guess I missed it
in the last discussion) I thought I'd try to find a theme that had
color icons.  I just now installed 26 new themes (using Configure
Desktop > Workspace Appearance > Desktop Theme > Get New Themes).  Out
of those 26 themes I installed, exactly zero had color systray icons.
One, called Opaquity, had different icons that were slightly more grey
than the default icons... that's the closest I found (in my random
sample of new and top rated themes for KDE4) to a theme with "color"
icons.  In fact, this (Opaquity) is the only theme I found so far that
actually changed the default icons in any way.

So.. given that highly unscientific test, I can understand why people
who want color icons are spinning their proverbial wheels on this
topic over and over.  Finding a theme with color icons is not a simple
case of "just install a different theme"... what theme should we be
suggesting?  We cannot fob the users off with a "solution" that, while
most likely technically correct, is essentially useless to them.

I just tried an additional 8 themes (so a total of 34 themes piked at
random)... still not one that changed the colors of the systray icons.


Considering all it would take to make such a theme would be to take an
existing theme, copy and paste a few files, then compress it again,
the fact that nobody has bothered to do this indicates it is not that
big a deal to most people. If many people were really that upset
about it, I would think that by this point someone would have done
something about it. If the problem is so minor that nobody can be
bothered to copy and paste a couple of files, then I think it is far
too minor to justify a separate option in the system tray

We have a working solution, but nobody can be bothered to make use of
it. That doesn't speak very highly of the problem's importance.

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