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[opensuse-kde] openSUSE KDE meeting minutes 20100228
  • From: Will Stephenson <wstephenson@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 00:02:12 +0100
  • Message-id: <201002190002.14215.wstephenson@xxxxxxx>
See for further details.

== Old Action Items ==
* Double-check bugs listed at
* Check relevance of bnc bug 546065 (dirk) in NEEDINFO for a while, can be
closed soon
* Add Google Summer of Code 2010 ideas to
** openSUSE KDE Netbook edition
** working jingle client for kde
** build service plugin for kdevelop
** integrate kde / akonadi with mozilla weave
** Automatic parsing of applications in to OBS?
* Improve /KDE/Repositories to help select which repositories to use
(wstephenson) (done)
* Announce repo switchover and 4.3.5 in KKSD (wstephenson) (done)
* Mail opensuse-kde list if there are any blockers for the 4.3.5 online update
(everybody) (done)
* Mark bugreports with Fix_is_Ready keyword and prepend [Fix_is_Ready:11.2] to
the subject of bugreports that have fixes that could be included with the
4.3.5 online update (everybody) (done)
* Check for possible easy fixes to include with the 4.3.5 online update
(llunak) (done)
* Announce ongoing bugsquashing (
(initialZero) (done)
* Test if migrating nepomuk sesame2 -> virtuoso v6 works (rabauke) (pending)
* log and announce on opensuse-kde list that virtuoso format changes

== Status report ==

* LiveCD is nearly done. Beineri found some issues.
* new items. Unknown, rabauke did not explain and not present
* anyone is welcome to join us on Monday for the public Plasma event

* Plans for 11.3
** Phonon in KDE 4.4 is capable of detecting PulseAudio... but we still lack a
nice controller for PulseAudio in KDE, only pavucontrol is available - use

* oxygen-molecule
** AI: package oxygen-molecule somewhere and announce (llunak)
** AI: test oxygen-molecule (everybody)
* rekonq 0.4 as default browser? Still in playground. Default browser needs
to be mature and well maintained. Better to improve Firefox integration for
11.3. Consider adding to distro if it moves out of playground

* Other items/QA/Misc
** InitialZero packaged up the latest kaffeine in playground. To be SR'ed to
KKFD and reviewed.AI: InitalZero to submitrequest kaffeine
** Dropping hal? 11.3 will still have hal. Other distros are not dropping it
completely, only for GNOME media. No point in doing this work early,
DeviceKit etc will probably change API.
** synaptics driver may have changed interface in trunk, preventing
controlling tapping. Just a bug. But somebody has to submit kcm_synaptics or
synaptiks to KKFD. (Open

== Action Items ==
* AI: Add Google Summer of Code 2010 ideas to (everybody)
* AI: package oxygen-molecule somewhere and announce (llunak)
* AI: test oxygen-modulecule (everybody)
* AI: submitrequest new kaffeine (initialZero)

Will Stephenson, openSUSE Team
SUSE LINUX Products GmbH - Nürnberg - AG Nürnberg - HRB 16746 - GF: Markus Rex
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