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Re: [opensuse-kde] Re: KDE 4.2 stable repo and KDE live CD respin
  • From: Sven Burmeister <sven.burmeister@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2009 14:28:48 +0200
  • Message-id: <200904031428.49074.sven.burmeister@xxxxxxx>
Am Freitag, 3. April 2009 13:16:37 schrieb Daniel Mader:
This means maintaining three KDE 4 versions. KDE 4.1 in STABLE, KDE 4.2
in "Release" (I guess you want version updates there too) and KDE 4.3 in
Factory, which is worked on. UNSTABLE you are lacking completely.

I have never quite understood why we are maintaining fully outdated
versions in the community distribution at all...

Then you should search the archives. KDE:STABLE is the place that exists to
test patches that will be distributed via YOU, i.e. official patches. Those
have to be tested or do you want them to be supplied untested? So that's why
STABLE contains the KDE version shipped with the last openSUSE version +
patches that will be distributed officially.

By the time 11.2 will be
out, no serious KDE user will still use 4.1, imo. It's just not as usable
as the alternatives. Other distributions will have nice 4.2 packages long
before openSUSE will officially provide an update. And factory is *NOT* a
real alternative.

Which distros offer official packages for KDE 4.2 which are not part of a

With the frozen repo and the respin, openSUSE users will have a "stable" repo
for KDE 4.2. Further, by the time 11.2 ships, openSUSE users will have
official KDE 4.3 packages whereas the other distros don't. You cannot have
everything and nobody wants KDE 4.2 as part of 11.2.

Yes, this would break the current distribution policy, and yes, maybe that
breakage will be no longer needed after 11.2 release. But *currently* I
really feel it would be justified.

Unfortunately it's not about feelings, but resources.

The transition phase from KDE3 to KDE4 is painful and it requires new
approaches to make users happy: every minor release brings back more of the
fun from KDE3 usability.

KDE 4.2.x does not add features, only bugfixes, so there are no "missing"
features added to 4.2.3 or .2.4 anyway.

There is a packaging workshop this weekend given by wstephenson. I am
trying to attend and I'd be willing to help with the proposed
release/upstream repository. Maybe we find enough to be able to do so. If
so, everyone of the current openSUSE contributors should welcome that.
Instead, all I read here about subjects like that are discouragements.

That's because two things are mixed. One thing is what the community does. If
it decides to provide a KDE repo, nobody is going to stop you. The second is
what openSUSE developers do and every discussion about that topic is always
bound to resources and ends in setting priorities. For the openSUSE
developers, the openSUSE releases are the major priority and hence the KDE
version shipping with those releases. As a result, everything else is up to
the community.

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