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Re: [opensuse-kde] what's the point with KDE 4...
  • From: Daniel Mader <danielstefanmader@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 16:42:42 +0100
  • Message-id: <200903181642.42446.danielstefanmader@xxxxxx>


At the same time, I feel very much unsettled about the path KDE4 goes. It
is still miles away from enterprise desktop usage. It lacks both features
and stabiliy:
* printing is a joke. Compared to Windows, MacOS and Gnome, it is just
downright broken. No one can tell, if it will ever improve again, since
Nokia doesn't care.

Them is very strong fighting words. It would be great to see the evidence
that backs those words up.

I use the above in real world office work. Apparently, you don't.

* PIM is lacking features, such as synchronizing with syncML and the
like. It doesn't even have plugins for Google stuff, which would greatly
enhance popularity. Again, noone seems to care

Again, I ask for evidence of those very strong words.


Why has this become so popular among KDE people: if someone complains, then
first asking for evidence, even for stuff which is obviously broken, and if
they get the problem served on silver dishes, the next step is to tell people
to do it them selves. That's the quickest way to diminish a community. People
are not willing to help if they feel things are going the wrong way.


Gnome is attracting large portions of former hard core KDE3 users, that's
a fact. Bashing those "poisonous users" may seem justified from the
perspective of a volunteer developper from amarok and the like but it
doesn't make the problem go away. KDE 4 is currently not an option for
serious desktop usage. Period. What scares me, though, is the fact that
it will still not be an option in 4.3 and thus 11.2. Intermediate version
upgrades from factory are not an option, either, so that means, for
openSUSE the first working KDE desktop is still about 1.5 yrs from now...

I think I know where the problem lies. It lies not with the developers
but the users.

This is ridicolous beyond any measure. As a matter of fact KDE4 is not yet a
desktop environment on par with its competitors. But of course, this is the
users' fault because in 2009 and version 4.3 they expect better. Which is
wrong. Right -_-

I do think you are going to get all three at once, you can get
frequent or you can
get stable and reliable. This is simply due to the fact that to get
stable and reliable,
only small changes can go into the code base, and those changes have
to be fixes.
What you will get are releases that implement functions that get
stable over time.
As for the KDE dropping, that may well happen, but I can assure you it will
pick up again.

The latter I really hope, yeah.

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