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Re: [opensuse-kde] Thinks that I miss in KDE 4
  • From: Xavier Callejas <xavier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2008 11:00:17 -0600
  • Message-id: <200810131100.17440.xavier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

- KMilo was not ported to KDE4.1.x, I cannot control my Thinkpad buttons
any more (even the volumen keys don't work, for me this is ver very

I can assign all keys I have on the notebook's keyboard, either because
acpi recognises them, which you can check by running acpi_listen and
pressing the button, or because xev sees them. If neither of those show
them, it's not KDE's fault.

Yes, but is not the same as see a progress bar or a visual notification, and
also there are other buttons that need something like KMilo.

For now I set up 'tpb' that is the backend for kmilo (kmilo is just its
frontend), but I prefer kmilo.

- KNetworkManager do not work at all, we need something to
manage our connectivity the easy as possible, I'm a full laptop user.

Since there is no knetworkmanager4 yet, only some alpha/beta, it is the
same knetworkmanager that you and all others used with kde3, which works
quite well.

Yes, knetworkmanager for kde3 is working (with some bugs that I think are from
UI and not networkmanager related), I hope a impruved ui for networkmanager
in kde4.2

Other courious things:
- I cannot drag&drop files from konqueror to dolphin.


This is not a problem any more (I am really not sure if this bug existed or
was I that passed for a strange mental lapsus)

I have tried to use KDE 4 since 4.0, but I think is not ready for me, for
now I'm still using KDE3.5.10, but I wainting ansious for KDE 4.2, I hope
it brings at least the first 3 points of my list.

If you are happy with 3.5.10, what's the problem? Is there somebody pushing
you to switch? I use KDE4 on both, laptop and desktop and I surely get my
work done, which would be the only valid reason to tell that KDE 4 is not
ready yet in my opinion.

Well, KDE team is saying that we must "don'l look back" jeje hey I just wanted
to say my opinions about KDE 4xxx, the newest is not alwasy the best, but as
a computers fan I'm interested in this matter; also I hope that the newest
releases can bring fixes, new useful functionality, et cetera.

For example, I'm waiting since a lot of time that kmail could have signatures
with HTML support, now I understand that kmail for kde 4 brings this new
functionality; also I'm waiting for a good PDA sync. support with KDE PIM
apps, et cetera.

well, I have to go back to work, we'll stay in touch.


Xavier Callejas
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