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Re: [opensuse-kde] KDE4 usability issues
  • From: Dirk Mueller <dmueller@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 08:48:58 +0200
  • Message-id: <200808210848.58614.dmueller@xxxxxxx>
On Thursday 07 August 2008, Alexey Eremenko wrote:


Thanks for your very constructive feedback and sorry for getting back to you
so late.

1. Using the taskbar - area near start button (kicker in KDE3 terms),
there are icons to quick-start applications.
I cannot add anything here, not by dragging from Start Menu (like
Windows XP), and cannot right-click to add new
application from start menu (like KDE3). This is very serious
usability trouble.

it works for me by drag&drop and by right-click on an item with "Add to
panel". why doesn't it work for you? what happens if you try to drop it?

must also have:
"add application" - either by manually typing command, or by selecting
from Start Menu.

Okay, I guess thats an interesting request.

1.a. Speaking of applets/widgets: "quicklaunch" for KDE4 needs to be
integrated as another widget into KDE, instead of being third-party

where did you get quicklaunch from? I think it makes sense to package it if we
haven't so already. Please file a bugreport about that at

2. Task-bar:
It has single level. In KDE3 or Windows XP I can have multi-level
"thick" taskbar, not so in KDE4.
In KDE4 taskbar can be "thick", but it will still be one-level.
This is not configurable via "Panel Settings".

Correct, outstanding wishlist entry. I think thats already known, but I can't
find it at the moment at

3. "Show Desktop" / "Minimize all windows": (aka "show dashboard" in KDE4
terms) - again - in KDE3 and Windows XP the "show desktop" can be used to
minimize all windows,
I use this very frequently, when I want to start new task on my
desktop, without fully ending previous task.

Interesting. So your workflow is that you minimize all windows and then start a
new application from the start menu?

I think thats similar to switching to a new virtual desktop? do you use that?
Can you get used to that?

BTW: Very good windows decorations were in the far past - SUSE Linux 9.1
(KDE3). Maybe we can replicate those, as on option (or default) into
KDE4/SUSE 11.1 ?

I think you're talking about the suse2 window decoration. We have that as an
addon package, but it is not in the default selection. if you install it, does
that suit your needs?

5. Screensavers are lacking (besides "Black screen")

xscreensavers provide them. Otherwise this seems to be a pattern bug
(kdeartwork4-screensaver not installed by default). Stephan?

6. All tray icons have no transparent background.
I mean - even native tray icons from KDE3 and KDE4.

Known bug, we're looking into that one.

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