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SOLVED Re: [suse-kde] not found -- where is it?
  • From: David T-G <davidtg-suse-kde@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 12:06:21 -0400
  • Message-id: <20030813160621.GA18514@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi again, all --

...and then David T-G said...
% I asked about this a week or so ago; I've installed SuSE 8.1 and KDE
% 3.1.3 on my laptop, and instead of the konqueror that I get on my
% 8.1/3.1.2 other laptop I get " not found".
% Could someone run a quick
% rpm -qal | grep libkorn
% and tell me in what rpm to find it so that I can get on with my work?

What interesting responses. I'm quite convinced that I did not have a
typo, but stranger things have happenned in the world :-)

Anyway, after the pointers to kcm_konqhtml being on the system at all and
then one person privately responding that he found *that* in kdebase3 I
went looking some more. Yes, I had kdebase3, and kdebase3-* for various
items, one of which was kdebase3-konqueror. I was surprised to see,
though, that both kdebase3-konqueror *and* kdebase3 provide konqueror
itself, and even more surprised to see the former at only 3.0.3!

I went into yast2 and removed kdebase3-konqueror (no complaints) and
forced a reinstall of kdebase3, and konqueror now works. Yippee! I no
longer have it in my K menu (K -> Internet -> WWW where I have NS & lynx)
but I'm not crushed (though I'm quite interested in how to manually put
it back, because I'll put Mozilla and Firebird in there for fun).

I guess the secret is "don't install both kdebase3 and kdebase3-konqueror"!

Thanks for the help, and I hope this is helpful for others.

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(play) davidtg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx * society and not sufficient moral courage.
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