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Re: [suse-kde] Upgrading to KDE 3.11
  • From: David Herman <mesamoo115@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 08:32:35 -0800
  • Message-id: <200303290832.41032.mesamoo115@xxxxxxxxx>
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On Friday 28 March 2003 05:57 pm, Hal Keene wrote:
> Thanks for your help David. Yes I am new to SuSE Linux and Linux the
> system for that matter. It seem's as though my system is now stable
> as it hasn't crashed on me for several day's. Knock on wood!

Welcome to Linux! Glad things seem to be working.

In this reply I'm going to pass along a couple of other tips which
hopefully reduce the learning curve for you.

This list is pretty relaxed but if you start using the "Big" list you
will avoid some flaming from the purists.
Alot of your questions will be more appropriate to that list (when not
kde related), but it does generate alot of messages, 100 to 200 per day

First off, try to break your posts up into bite size chunks rather than
one big paragraph. (If this is a not possible w/ incredimail I might
suggest trying another mailer). Basically, check your mail prefs and be
sure that things are sent as "Plain Text" by default.
By doing this It is earier for others to reply to each question or part.

Secondly, try to cut out the parts of a reply that are no longer needed.

Third, although I don't always understand why, It is considered poor
form to post your reply at the top of the page (unless you cut out all
of the quotes) ie. leave the quoted part at the top of the reply and
write your reply directly after each section or at the bottom of the

> running a Celeron 600 MHz Pentium III processor with an ASUS CUV4X
> Motherboard. 192 Mg SDram. A Crystal sound" card, and a 4x Agp Video
> Graphics card by ATI model #8500 as suggested on the SuSE Linux
> software package.

Sounds like there shouldn't be any hardware problems /

> I haven't tried Gnome or Blackbox (never heard of Blackbox) I thought
> I'd get KDE going and stable first and drift into the other stuff as
> confidence builds.

Pretty easy to try them, at login there is a drop down list that lets
you choose other window managers to try. That said KDE is in my mind
the most full featured desktop environment, but alot of times when I'm
trying to work out system problems I use Blackbox as it's very fast and
easy on resources.

> I have loaded some math software Through YaST. Of which two of the
> eight modules do not work. The one I really wanted (z88) won't show
> up in the Edutainment/Mathmatics" program group. I have tried to load
> this package about 8 times and it still is a no go.

When you say modules do you mean programs you installed or are you
talking about yast modules

I went onto the
> web to Dr. Frank Riegs website and he explained how to see if it is
> loaded on the system using the "rpm -q z88" command from logging in
> as administrator and using the root xterm shell. He really doesn't
> explain how to run the program only how to download it and install.
> The other program that doesn't work is the "Surf" program. It does
> show up in the program group but blinks out and goes away when I
> active it. I haven t tried to reload this one yet.

Some progs won't automatically show up in the menu.
you can use Konqueror to view the files that are in an rpm package, then
open a terminal and type the programs name (don't do this as root in
case something goes wrong).

For example I opened a shell
then typed (without the quote marks) "surf"
and the program ran. If there is a problem w/ the way the program runs
then it will probably give you clues in the shell window.

> I have dumped Open Office and loaded the Koffice suite. It is a much
> nicer suite anyway and even works!

Glad it works for you.

See ya
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