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Re: [opensuse-invis] Invis Server Packages
  • From: Klaas Freitag <freitag@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2010 10:04:50 +0100
  • Message-id: <201012081004.51057.freitag@xxxxxxx>

At the Conference i talked to Jürgen Weigert about this problem. That's
what he told me about afio (Sorry it's in german):

"Hi Stefan!

Ich habs mal eben nachgeschlagen. Afio wurde aus rein technischen Gründen
von der Distribution genommen. Die rechtliche Seite ginge klar.

14.03.05, denicolo:
Packages licenses have been checked and approved.
Einmal scheint die Non-commercial Klausel sehr schwach.
Zum Zweiten hatten wir 1998 den damaligen Upstream Koen Holtman direkt
auf diese Klausel angesprochen und seine Zustimmung eingeholt.

it's completely outdated, lacks specific features like
ACL support and is unmaintained since 2003,
we should drop this package!

2009-05-20mt@xxxxxxxxxx Changed status to dropped
Approved by:ro@xxxxxxxxxx

D.h. wir hatten schlicht niemand mehr, der es maintained.
hmm, und es ist halt seit 2003 auch upstream nicht mehr maintained.

I attached a patch that patches afio out of bin/alldump in Invis,
that seems the only place where its used. afio has the advantage
over other programs to compress before archiving, I simulated that by
first bzip2'ing all dumps and archive them via tar later.

Is that acceptable?

afio is a very good tool an i wish it back, but i test your patch.
of course you can get it back, but if we take it to the invis project it
means that we as a team have to maintain it for Factory.

I think we have work enough and should reduce the needed packages where
possible. And in this case we have good replacements that are maintained
anyway in Factory.


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