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Re: [opensuse-ha] ext4 failure on cluster
On 08/15/2014 02:29 PM, steve wrote:
Our file servers are second hand computers which a bank were
throwing out. We want to keep working. We have €150 and 2 old AMD
computers. What do you recommend?

Depends on your knowledge and how you calculate your own time.

High Availability stacks are a way to increase, hm, the availability in
an automatic way.

If it's about performance I fear there is not really much to do.

Such a stack is not intend to cover issues because of weak hardware. It
also must be managed appropriate, which usually includes a test system
and fail-over tests, and more than one admin who can mange the system.

At all make it easy, so easy that whomever can switch and start this at
3am in the morning.

It's not unusual for Mr. Murphy to crash something when the admin is on
vacation - if this is a single-admin-system then it becomes a real issue.

Every time you create a stack too high for the base to keep the weight
it will fall down at some time.

Depending on the environment there are many solution to fight a
potential failure, but that depends on the impact of a failure.
describes a scenario with DRBD based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server but
that should also apply to opensuse. It is about NFS but the transition
to samba should not be that a problem.

With limited resources (time & money) someone could just rsync the
content to a second box, implementing a boot option to start the samba
server. This is highly manual and includes pros and cons as well but
works good in non-techie environments (= without an on-site admin)

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