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Re: [opensuse-goblin] Moblin, Goblin & openSUSE
  • From: Andrew Wafaa <awafaa@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 12:49:23 +0100
  • Message-id: <4A8BE6C3.7090008@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sorry for the delay in responding, going on holiday and playing catch up
on my return is never easy.

Aaron Bockover wrote:
Providing the Moblin user experience on top of a standard openSUSE
base is something we are interested in doing, but it's not something
that will feasibly happen very soon. We are locking down to freeze on
an openSUSE/SLE-based Moblin 2.0.

If I remember correctly there was a conversation on IRC a while ago
about how the Moblin UX was going to be delivered on an openSUSE base.

We have a few repositories, that build on openSUSE 11.1 or SLE 11:

* Moblin:Base - provides modified/updated kernel, xorg, HAL, etc. -
much of what is here can be ignored for a Moblin user experience on a
stock openSUSE (e.g. like we have GNOME and KDE desktops, we could
have a Moblin one).

However, these packages are critical for providing the entire Moblin
OS, and many patches would also need to be merged into
openSUSE:Factory (e.g. we require KMS + DRI2). Much of this
requirement is satisfied by xorg 1.6.3.

* Moblin:UI - provides updated GNOME packages and the core Moblin
components like mutter, mutter-moblin, bickley, etc. Most of what is
here can be run on top of a standard openSUSE 11.1

Getting the changes in these repos merged into openSUSE Factory is key.
The question is which repo is to be the devel project? I intend to go
through and run Vincent's new script to sanitise the packages to try and
ensure a straight forward acceptance.

We produce the SLE-based images directly from Moblin:Factory, which is
an aggregate project taking in packages from the two devel projects
(Moblin:UI and Moblin:Base) and a few packages from other devel
projects (e.g. mozilla for FF 3.5). We do all the core work in the
public OBS, and there is an openSUSE 11.1 image project (KIWI) for
producing a full image in OBS as well.

This image is a little bit stale, but the goal is to derive the SLE
image from the openSUSE kiwi file, so that nothing gets horribly out
of sink or stale. Andrew can speak more to this.

I initially wasn't aware of any staleness in the images until advised by
Mr. Meeks. This has not prevented me from creating and running a
functional build. The question is how do we get the image back in sync
with the internal build? I thought all work was being done in the OBS
and then synced to the IBS?

For the 11.2 cycle, I think the most reasonable approach is to offer a
Moblin 2.0 image download next to the regular openSUSE. I do not think
it's really feasible to integrate the full Moblin stack into 11.2
proper, but it is something we would like to do for +1.

I think initially this will be the easiest option as there are already
tough cut off dates to be met. IIRC this was going to be the only
method, although I would love to see Moblin available as an option on
the DVD - the problem will be how to make space on the DVD. Would it be
possible to still have an official ISO available around release time
(give or take a week or two) and ensure that in the release announcement
it is mentioned?

I'm very interested in Andrew's feedback here, and anyone else's
interested in Moblin.

So far I've been using the "stale" images without any major issue, and
to be honest things are generally speedy and if anything it works much
better than my previous Studio Built images (running GNOME/KDE/XFCE).

One of my goals is to create a Moblin 1-Click so that users can easily
add it to their existing installs. People that now of the repos are
confused as to what packages need to be installed (tbh so am I at times
:D ).

So basically I have created three tasks for myself in no particular
priority (feel free to prioritise them for me) - 1. Clean up packages
and submit to Factory; 2. Create 1-Click .ymp for Moblin; 3. Create
images and make them publicly available - once the image is in sync
should we use the OBS for this.

There is a fairly big issue that I may have caused - sorry. The issue
is that of the name, Now I came up with "Goblin" whilst bored at work,
and at the time it seemed like a brilliant fit. After all Goblins are
green ;-) There could well be an issue with Intel as I have been
advised that they don't like the idea of word play on their products,
and that their is already an LGPL project called Goblin which "is a C++
class library focussed on graph optimization and network programming
problems". So my question is - what do we do about the name? Do we use
"Goblin - powered by openSUSE & Moblin", "openSUSE Moblin Edition" or
something completely different?



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