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[opensuse-gnome] What's the status of upgrading to GNOME-3.20?
Hi folks!
I'm here to learn the status of the plan to upgrade GNOME.
Before that, I'd like to share my status and current work.

I'm trying to fix bnc#882801, and related patches associated with our
plan to upgrade NM, in case we did redundant work nonconforming with
upstream. So I have to learn the status of GNOME upgrading.

At present, what I concern is the upgrade of NetworkManager-1.0.10 which
is the officially recommended for product usage, obviously it requires
higher GNOME than our current 3.10. According to LFS(Linux From
Scratch), I think higher than GNOME-3.18 is enough.

Moreover, the fate#320455 requires a new feature "captive portal
handling" introduced since GNOME-3.14.

And here're my questions:

1. What's the expected date to upgrade to GNOME-3.20?

2. Do we confirm to take NM-1.0.10, or maybe higher, say, NM-1.2?
The later is unstable yet, but if our whole upgrade work lasts more than
6 months, maybe NM-1.2 will be stable at that time. I'm not too eager to
pursue the newest package, but it saves our work if I managed to commit
some patches to the upstream.

I would like to help if any related.


In the beginning was the lambda. God saw it, realized he didn't need
anything else, and stopped there. —— 《FP Bible》

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