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Re: [opensuse-gnome] Running Xorg non-root
Bjørn Lie writes:
ti., 12.01.2016 kl. 13.56 +0100, skrev Egbert Eich:
The bigger challange will be UMS devices. For these the only option I
see would be to start them as root or to use a wrapper script to do
(this seems to be the present solution at Debian).
The question which remains is, how does GDM know that a wrapper
is required? It would be easy to test for the presence of KMS,
this will often include cases where fbdev can be used. I'm open to 
suggestions here ;) - after all, this decision needs to be made in

For openSUSE I'd be fine with this not being automatic, as in we
provide a suid-wrapper-"compat" package, but do not install it by
default. Those who need it have to install it, and since that will lead
to only users in need, always apply it when installed.

We could add a 'recommends:' or 'suggests:' to the affected driver
packages. Since these packages are only installed if the hardware
is found, the user will not get the wrapper normally.

This will hopefully "encourage" upstreams to port their drivers, or
switch to other ones.

This will not happen. Most of the hardware supported by the UMS drivers
is of marginal relevance today. Therefore the drivers are not really
supported. Upstream just makes sure they still build. Some community
users (openSUSE) complain if they don't work as expected in which case
I often reply, that it is a free software project where everybody can
contribute - if someone is interested in such hardware (s)he should
expect to have to fix issues her/himself.

From what I understood from a virtualbox bug I was cc'ed on, Oracle is
already underway with theirs.

Yeah, this driver is an exception. VMWare and QXL are there already.
(Well, VMWare isn't quite: there is still xf86-input-vmware).



For input drivers upstream have already dropped all mouse support for
non-libinput drivers (at least for configuration, I've not verified if
one can still use synaptic/foo but not configure them via gnome-tools)

Yeah, you can. Just not configure them from Gnome.

This will kinda force us to Require xf86-input-libinput for the next
release, so I guess that more or less "taken care off"

Yeah, possibly. I'm not even sure - have we done this on TW already?
Last time I've checked we hadn't.
IHMO we should do this there ASAP to have a good test coverage.

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