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Re: [opensuse-gnome] Getting rid of evolution-data-server
Le jeudi 19 mars 2015 à 22:52 +0100, Dimstar / Dominique Leuenberger a
écrit :

On Thu, 2015-03-19 at 22:30 +0100, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
I find that I am running a couple of services that I don't feel I
should since I am not Evolution for e-mail nor anything else:


Alas, half of Gnome seems to depend on it:

The following 4 applications are going to be REMOVED:
Contacts Evolution Notes "Tweak Tool"

The following 37 packages are going to be REMOVED: bijiben evolution
evolution-data-server evolution-data-server-lang gdm
gdm-branding-openSUSE gnome-contacts gnome-session
gnome-session-default-session gnome-shell gnome-shell-browser-plugin
gnome-shell-extensions-common gnome-shell-extensions-common-lang
gnome-shell-search-provider-bijiben gnome-shell-search-provider-contacts
gnome-shell-search-provider-nautilus gnome-tweak-tool libebackend-1_2-7
libebook-1_2-14 libebook-contacts-1_2-0 libecal-1_2-16
libedata-book-1_2-20 libedata-cal-1_2-23 libedataserver-1_2-18
libfolks-eds25 libfolks-telepathy25 libfolks-tracker25 libfolks25
patterns-openSUSE-gnome patterns-openSUSE-gnome_basis
patterns-openSUSE-gnome_imaging patterns-openSUSE-gnome_imaging_opt
patterns-openSUSE-gnome_laptop patterns-openSUSE-gnome_office
patterns-openSUSE-gnome_office_opt patterns-openSUSE-gnome_utilities

The following 8 patterns are going to be REMOVED:
gnome gnome_basis gnome_imaging gnome_imaging_opt gnome_laptop
gnome_office gnome_office_opt gnome_utilities

37 packages to remove.
After the operation, 36,9 MiB will be freed.

Most of those things do not depend on evolution-data-server directly,
but something else that is going to be removed.

in fact, the critical part in there is gnome-shell, which relies on
e-d-s services for the calendaring applet in the top bar.

And once gnome-shell is marked for removal by zypper, there is not much
gnome left (gnome-tweak-tool depends on gnome-shell; gnome-imaging
pattern depends on the regular gnome pattern, which of course, requires

I don't think we'd be doing ourselves a big favor to try to work around
a non-existing service; I've seen way too many crashes for e-d-s
services not being reachable. that the tradeoff to have them there is
just not expensive enough to even work on incoming bugs.

For the record, we moved this dependency in a subpackage
(gnome-shell-calendar) on SLE12 (since we didn't want to have e-d-s on
SLES12) but I'd tend to agree with Dominique, it might not be a good
idea to not enforce it on openSUSE (even more with the new notification
UI in 3.16, I don't know how it would interact with no e-d-s running,
but maybe I'm just paranoid :)

Frederic Crozat
Project Manager Enterprise Desktop

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