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Re: [opensuse-gnome] User feedback concerning openSUSE 13.2 with GNOME
Hi Roger,

Thanks for that summary, great stuff!

On Fri, 2014-11-14 at 18:46 -0800, Roger Luedecke wrote:

I've been monitoring Google+ and other social networks with an eye out
for GNOME 3.14 complaints related to 13.2. Frankly, there are very very
Most common complaint (which seems to affect KDE as well, and maybe
worse) is concerning font rendering. I don't know what the problem is
since so far as I know I'm not experiencing the problem.

The Main Menu Editor (alacarte) once again does not work. I ran it
terminal and saw no unusual errors and ran it with gnomesu to see if
that changed the behavior.

Known - but some gnome-shell changes require some fundamental changes
here: alacarte actually writes a .menu file, which gnome-shell no longer
uses, as it does not have a menu structure. There is also a boo# entry
for it

Online Accounts are very flakey to the point where on some systems the
feature is fully broken. I've seen some reports floating around on the
mailing list so I'll assume you are aware of the problem.

I'm aware of google calendar once on a while randomly coming up with a
password prompt (through gnome-shell of course) and after
suspend/resume, some people seem to have struggle getting back online.
Are you aware of others?

People (myaelf included) are complaining about being unable to theme
GDM. I assume this is due to an upstream change.

GDM has been badly themeable since about version 3.0. So yes, that's
known, but with the number of changes going into it, stability is at the
moment higher up than themeing.

I've observed some sub-optimal behavior with the new GNOME Sofware
Center. First time it tried to update the system, it gave message of
failure once the graphical environment was back up. With some software,
it will take a very long time to show the details for it. This behavior
seems to be entirely random.

The error is difficult to say, without further logs. Sorry.
The 'some take a long time' is typically due to the way we have to
configure PackageKit for users not to curse on it for PK being in the
way of zypper. The libzypp is entirely aware of the issue (which is not
PK, but libzypp itself). Once the library behaves as we need it, PK
would actually no longer terminate in the background at all.

Currently, whenever PK terminates itself, the first app you search after
barely works, as gnome-software seems not to get a reply from PK on a

User Management in the GNOME Settings panel is still disfunctional.
Ability to take picture with webcam to set as user picture still does
not work.

gnome-control-center update is in the making and can already be found in
the update-test channel.

GNOME loving users are confused and put-off by the Qt YaST interface in
GNOME by default. [As a recommendation, the default behavior for
searching in the Qt interface is to not search until Enter is pressed
whereas the Gtk+ interface searches with each key. Revert the behavior
to the Qt style one. The searching by each key press slows the interface
and seems to cause instability.]

Then please have somebody step up and maintain yast gtk; the software
center was particularly broken, search most of it: the larger our
catalogs grow, the worse it became, especially the 'search as you type
feature'; you could easily wait 30s between keypress to get a view.

Overall, most people are thrilled with the stability and refinement.
Good job.

Good to hear! We'll try to keep that up.

Dimstar / Dominique Leuenberger <dimstar@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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