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Re: [opensuse-gnome] wireless icon in OS 13.1
On Fri, 2014-04-11 at 04:42 +0100, Carl Fletcher wrote:
Using opensuse 13.1 stock gnome
Wireless works fine but the tray icon is flaky.

It doesn't always display the connected icon even though it has connected.
This can happen about 50% of the time and it can be from a cold reboot or
waking from sleep.

Initially the icon is not connected, then it goes to the 3 dots for
connecting, but it doesn't change from the 3 dots. It never gets stuck on
the not connected icon, only on the connecting...

So for example. You wake from suspend, the not connected icon changes to
connecting... the wireless connects, but the icon doesn't change from
connecting to connected.

See image here:

Given some hours of use, the icon will usually come good eventually.

That, normally, is a sign of a misconfiguration on your networks IPv6 -
your connection is 'working' with IPv4, but NetworkManager is waiting
for IPv6 to finish, hence the annoying icon

You can fix it by going into the configuration for that wireless network
and making sure that IPv6 isn't required for the connection to be

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