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[opensuse-gnome] gvfs-backends bug in version 1.14
  • From: "Lars Edman @ LinuxSuSE" <lars.edman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2014 19:30:00 +0100
  • Message-id: <1390761000.3256.38.camel@larse3.WORKGROUP>


I wonder if I perhaps I am the only openSUSE user experiencing problems
sharing files and directories with Nautilus and Thunar over samba?

The problems started -if I remeber right- somewhere with SuSE12.1, today
I use 12.3. In SuSE13.1 with gvfs 1.18 the problem seems to be solved.
I've been using SuSE since 8.2 and have never experienced any problems
related to samba-shares with Nautilus before.

I am using samba because it is very handy having both Linux, Windows and
Mac OS X machines in my network. With one exception I also share files
between my Linux-machines using samba.

The problem occurs when I try to copy files or whole directories to or
from a samba share. Copying starts but hangs (freezes) when 2-30% has
been copied. It's impossible to stop the copying if I don't kill the

The other day I did a deeper search around the problem and found an
ubuntu-bug-report that describes -as long as I've read- exactly the same
problem (despite I never read or play any files over samba). -The
ubuntu-report referred to a bugzilla.gnome-bug that reports the same

It seems the bug is related to the gvfs-smb part of the gvfs-backends
with gvfs versions over 1.12. No similar problems with gvfs-ftp: Ftp
works allright.

The filed ubuntu bug:
And the related gnome bug:
I opened a thread in the forum:

but just got one encouraging reply about trying to upgrade gvfs
(according to the ubuntu-bug report).
The upgrade got somewhat disastrous ;-> and I downgraded again.

My own system:
SuSE12.3 kernel 3.7.10-1.24-desktop-X86_64
gvfs-1.14.2-2.1.2.x86_64 and the same versions for gvfs-backends,
gvfs-backend-afc, gvfs-fuse and

I was about filing a bug report, but as I read along was adviced to try
the mailing lists first, thats why I write. Of course you could say I
could switch to SuSE13.1 but that's no solution for me. I've got the
12.3 now after some 7 months very well configured with all the resources
I want: among the worst builds-configurations was gnuradio but have got
some other heavy build as well. -Now the 12.3 version isn't obsolete
yet, but do you think the will be a fix for the gvfs-smb-error? Or do
you know any way to work around it? (I know I can use Dolphin, but
prefer Nautilus and Thunar).

Best regards


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